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Mathew Verderosa

Mat got his first drum set when he was 3 years old. As a child, he was always dismantling things to see how they were made. His great-grandfather predicted Mat’s path as a future innovator declaring, “One day he’s going to be an inventor!” after watching him take something apart. As the drummer of a full-time touring band, Mat was preparing for a cross-country train tour when he was told there would be no house kits at the venues. Faced with the challenge of packing a full-size drum kit across the country on a train, he awoke at one night in a sweat at 4 a.m. when he dreamt he left his snare drum on a train. He jumped out of bed and scribbled his idea on a napkin and Beatbox Drums was born. Since that night, Mat has been non-stop working on making his invention a reality.

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Beatbox Drums

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