Get Your Hands On A BeatBox® Drum Kit

Get your own BeatBox® drum kit through our shop.  Our craftsmen have been hard at work constructing and assembling each component with the utmost attention to detail and quality to ensure your more than satisfied with your purchase.

Size Comparison

A picture says a thousand words.  The compact Beatbox® drum kit packs the audio fidelity of a full size drum kit at a fraction of the size.

Who and what is Beatbox® Drums

Beatbox® Drums LLC builds high end custom micro drum sets. Each Beatbox® is built to order. We take great pride in that our product is made in the United States.

When sound quality is your highest priority but you still need to be mobile, you’ve found your solution here at Beatbox® Drums.

History & Experience

As a drummer for 27 years, I often struggled with the mobility of my kit but still having the sound quality of a full drum set. I was never happy with the industry’s “compact drum sets ” on the market . Sure they were smaller in size but they lacked the sound of a full kit . So that’s how the “Beatbox®” was born. Using high end quality parts and our patented design we are able to squeeze a four piece drum set in a 16 3/4″ x 18 1/2″ x 30″ box.


The Beatbox® kit is made from the best materials available.  We use Baltic Birch plywood and Keller shells.  Our patented designed lugs and hardware are made of aircraft aluminum.  Each component is handled with care and assembled with the precision of a master carpenter.  Quality is our highest priority in both craftsmanship and sound.


Beatbox® Drums LLC
151 Netcong Circle
P.O. Box 762
Pocono Lake PA 18347

Phone: (570)856-6602

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