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The Beatbox is the first high end, compact kit of its kind. We offer a never before seen, self storing drum kit. All of the drums, hardware, throne, and rug fit into the kit. It comes fully equipped with heavy duty casters and extendable, luggage styled handle, for traveling.

Our motto is “Don’t sacrifice sound for size” and we mean every bit of it. Take a seat behind this kit and play, you will be astounded by the quality of our kit. We grew very tired of other drum kits on the market coming with sub-par drum heads, hardware, and lacking overall quality. We refuse to give you a product that we don’t feel is show ready the day you get it.

We may look different than other drums on the market, but we stand behind our hard work and passion to changing the drum industry, one drum set at a time.

The Beatbox is hand made and built to order first come first serve. The Beatbox starts at $3,000.00 USD + shipping. It comes with 2 cymbal boom arms, 2 Tom mounts, snare stand ,bass drum pedal , hi hat stand , throne, and carpet. The shell sizes are 10″x4″ Snare, 8″x4″ Rack Tom, 10″x6″ Floor Tom, and 16″x3.5″ Bass Drum. They are 5 ply Hybrid that consists of Birch/ Maple/ Birch / Maple / Mahogany (inside ply). The box is made of Baltic birch.


Coffee Table Beatbox 14” & 16” models

Double Bass Beatbox- requested by Mat’s Brand Ambassador Julian “Figgy” Delan. This custom build will consist of 2 Beatboxes to make a 8 piece kit.

Beatbox Signature Artist Series, art by Scott Thorberg

Artist Scott Thorberg a.k.a. Scotty T has been creating one of a kind fine art & unique spaces for nearly three decades, fusing practical building skills with the elements of design, graphic art, fine art, sculpture and the use of random materials, providing endless design possibilities. Beatbox is excited to team up with such a phenomenal artist to design one of a kind builds.


Design and engineering for a variety of hardware options coming soon!


The First Generation Beatbox 14” prototype will be TSA approved, under 50 lbs, under 62 cubic inches and constructed of aircraft grade aluminum. It’s a no-brainer for the traveling drummer or for venues with limited space for set up. It makes set up and break down so easy, the rest of the band will no longer hate you for having to have help to lug your kit from venue to venue, not to mention the way it changes the game for drummers in educational and non-traditional settings.

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