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The Adopt the Arts Gala 2019

The Adopt the Arts Gala 2019 honoring Moby was lit! Beatbox was there to drink it all in and support arts and music for Los Angeles schools. Our brand Ambassador, Julian “Figgy” Delan showcased the Beatbox which was donated for the silent auction. Here at Beatbox we believe every child should have a right to music and we are working with local schools to get kits to underprivileged and at- risk children in California.

Beatbox is not only easy to transport, it sounds amazing and records as well as a full-size drum kit when mics are properly positioned. Beatbox is also perfect for busking and acoustic shows. Here are some videos of the versatility and possibilities of the Beatbox in action:

Beatbox Showcase at Adopt the Arts Gala 2019



Iron Maiden – 11 yr old drummer Julian “Figgy” Delan plays Trooper for Nicko McBrain on a Beatbox @ NAMM 2018!

Hi! Figgy here! I got to play the Trooper for Nicko McBrain on this awesome kit, Beatbox! I made a lot of new friends here at NAMM 2018, but the two nicest were my new friends, Justin and Nicko McBrain!!! It was one of my dreams to play this song for Nicko. I never thought it would be on a kit that fits in a box- but the Beatbox is RAD and LOUD!! I’m glad the sound police didn’t shut them down for me making too much noise so thank you Mat for letting me pound that awesome kit for Nicko! I forgot Disneyland was right next door because all MY dreams came true at NAMM 2018!!!


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